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Makeup is not meant to be scary, it’s actually really not!

I feel really strongly about empowering women and sharing my tips and tricks so you can feel confident,

take years off your age plus get you excited to get pull out your makeup every morning.

So if this sounds like you…

Drawer full of makeup and still nothing to wear?

Are you confused with application and not sure what looks good on you?

Do you do the same thing day in day out because you can’t deal with having to think about it?

You may just need a fresh perspective in creating new looks out of the product you already own.

I can assist you with figuring out what to keep, what to part with, and what needs adding.

I will come to your home, chat about your lifestyle and create looks that will suit, and you will enjoy doing.

No more car ride to work fumbling with your Mascara!

For pricing and bookings get in touch.